This is what runners should eat to be able to race well

“Plan, prepare, run! The last dinner before the race was a big plate of pasta; the next day prepare a nutritious breakfast. You can eat a big portion of banana 20 minutes before the start.

You have made a good start! However, if you want to work on your speed during the race and reach your target time (or even set a new personal record), you need to consider your eating habits throughout the preparation phase, not just on the morning of the race. Your eating habits during the long preparation period will determine your performance during the race.

Researchers at Aalborg University, Denmark, found that relaxed sprinters who prepared with competent nutritional methods before and during the race were able to finish the long-distance race faster. They focused on increasing their fluid and energy intake during the match, with a normal acceleration time of 10:55 minutes.

Nutrition while running before training for a race


Start adding a few spritzes of mint to your water 10 days before the appeal. Mint can speed up fat burning and give you more energy.

Ginger: spicy and powerful

As reported in the Chinese European Journal of Immunology, ginger improves the performance of sprinters. It keeps the stimulus level of endurance competitors low, which reduces post-exercise fatigue and prevents contamination.

A glass of beet juice before running

The nitrates contained in beet can reduce oxygen levels in the muscles. In this sense, running is considered less tiring. In addition, it can dilate the veins, further promoting blood circulation.

Peanut butter for strong muscles

Spread peanut butter on bread from time to time during the preparation phase to promote the development of leg muscles.

Peanut butter for strong muscles

Eating chia seeds daily can build strength and endurance and promote muscle recovery.

How to prepare nutritionally for a race

To get the most out of your preparation for the next game, you also need to focus on your post-workout nutrition.

Stay hydrated

After a workout, drink 300-500 ml (or more, depending on duration and performance) within the first 10 minutes. Handmade isotonic drinks, fruit juice, or buttermilk are great.

Carbohydrate supplementation

You should eat carbohydrates within an hour of exercise. Choose quick starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, or pasta. Regardless of whether you eat carbohydrates after the race or not, your body needs 12 hours to replenish its starch stores. So you can still eat pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. the day after tomorrow.

In addition, proteins

Try to continuously supplement sugar with a variety of protein foods to strengthen your muscles.

Rest, rest, rest

Rest is important to work on your presentation. Find a good balance between preparation and recovery to reach your maximum performance and work on your presentation.

Rest works on your speed

Rest is important to work on your presentation. The quality and quantity of rest are critical to your well-being and effective recovery. This will get your muscles ready for the next race.

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