How to keep your pet safe in hot weather

Pets can be seriously endangered during the hot summer months. Dogs and cats simply cannot withstand high temperatures. As a capable pet person, you want to ensure that your pet is protected during these warm climate months. You and your pet will benefit from the following advice.
Animals should never be left in cars: Even if only for a few minutes, leaving any pet in a hot car poses risks that should be known by all pet owners. Dog owners are especially affected by this. It’s tempting to allow your dog to accompany you to the grocery store because dogs adore driving. However, in hot weather, pet owners should never leave their pets inside a vehicle. A car parked in the hot sun can reach sweltering temperatures even with the windows open. Pets left in hot cars risk dehydration or death in a matter of minutes. During hot weather, the best rule of thumb is to leave your pet at home in the cool air conditioner. If you own a dog, you should also be aware that letting your dog ride in the truck’s bed at any time of year could be very dangerous. A single jolt could send your dog flying out of the truck’s bed, causing harm or worse. It can be disastrous to leave your dog unattended in a truck’s bed in a public area. When you travel, be extra careful with your pet. Secure your pet in the car and keep the air conditioning on at all times if you must travel with a dog or cat. Allow your pets to enjoy incessant reprieves on lengthy excursions and allow them an opportunity to get a beverage of water.
Take Care When Walking Your Dog: During the warm months, temperatures soar in many places. Where the temperatures arrive at an unequaled high, it is smart to walk your canine either in the first part of the day or at night when temperatures are lower. During the summer, the hottest time of the day is around noon. You should not take your dog for a walk during this time. In addition to burning your dog’s delicate paws from the hot concrete, both you and your dog will become hot and dehydrated. When you do go for a walk in hot weather, bring water with you and make frequent stops to let your dog drink. This will make your dog happy.
Perform proper grooming on your pet: It is consistently really smart to keep your pet appropriately prepped, however, it is particularly significant throughout the mid-year months. It is similar to wearing a fur coat in 95-degree weather if your dog has very long fur. Your pet will not be happy there. Also, look out for pets like poodles that have a lot of their fur cut off. In high temperatures, long-haired dogs can quickly become overheated. Poodles and different varieties with alternate ways can get burned by the sun. Dogs are not protected by sunscreen. Regular brushing can help your dog better regulate its body temperature in hot weather and remove the winter undercoat on long-haired dogs. Long hair can also be kept cool by being clipped often. Summer trimming can be beneficial for cats with long hair as well. Even when they are kept inside, long-haired cats can easily become overheated.
Look out for Insects: Bugs can be vexatious to your pet during the warm, mid-year months. Fleas and ticks are most prevalent in the spring and summer. At this time of year, mosquitoes are also out in force. Always ensure that your dog and cat receive their monthly flea and tick treatment. Heartworms can be brought on by mosquito bites, so your dog needs to be on heartworm preventative at all times. Also, if you get stung by a bee or wasp, have a first aid kit on hand.
Security outside: People frequently spend a lot of time outside during the summer. When you are working in the yard, going to the lake, or swimming in the pool with your pets, you need to exercise extra caution. Make sure your pets are away from the dangers when you mow your yard or apply chemicals to the grass. Additionally, if your dog enjoys swimming, keep an eye on it. The majority of pets can swim on their own, but it’s always best to keep an eye on them. You can purchase life-preserver vests for your dog to wear if you enjoy taking your dog boating. When it comes to your beloved pet, you can never be too safe.

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